Bizstance is a full-service concierge-boutique-style management consulting agency delivering expert business consulting and coaching, professional services, corporate training and business development to international clients who benefit from our expertise, resources and strategic solutions. We created a business ecosystem for your ultimate benefit. Our team of experts cover every business field, providing you with seamless transitions, deliverables and transformation. 

OUR MISSION is to help you operate with clarity from a strong foundation.

OUR VISION is to educate, empower, guide and support individuals and businesses in identifying, clarifying, defining, maximizing and actualizing their incredible potential for true and sustainable transformations.

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We Specialize In:

  • CREATING SYSTEMS and simplifying your daily business operations to ensure consistency, accuracy and accountability that can be automated for expansion and scaling. We address the things that keep you busy and free your time so you work less in and, instead, can concentrate on growing your business. With our professional guidance and performance you will experience impeccable service, exceptional results and cost savings. 
  • QUALITY CONTROL & ASSURANCE to ensure and maintain integrity and top business standards in accordance with our values, principles and protocols.
  • COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENTS of business operations, infrastructure and performance, with recommendations for improved productivity, maximization of profits and decrease in costs and expenses.
  • YOUR HR TRUSTED PARTNERSHIP for attracting and retaining talent, fostering a healthy and thriving culture and meeting compliance with government standards and legislations.
  • PREFERRED VIP RATES for extensive resources and solutions by our affiliate partners and service providers.

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We provide business support and direction. From start-ups, home offices, entrepreneurs, small businesses to corporations and non-profit organizations, our clients receive comprehensive consultations and custom recommendations to address their specific needs. We work with all industries and business sizes and will guide you professionally every step of the way.

True One-Stop-Shop for anything and everything your business may need, eliminating unnecessary time-consuming stress of sourcing for various services and/or products from multiple resources.

The unique concept was born after years of research and hands-on experience, with expertise and deep understanding of how businesses work.

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Meet Our Founder & CEO

Vered Lerner is an International Multi-Award-Winning Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Influential Thought-Leader, Writer and Speaker specializing in personal, professional and business development.

She is featured as a Woman To Look Up To in 2022 in Passion Vista Luxury, Lifestyle and Business Magazine as well as “Brainz 500 Global” 2020 and 2021 – a list of 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others. 

Vered specializes in creating business systems based on the "Simplify, Systemize and Automate" concept, guiding businesses and their employees to operate with clarity from a strong foundation.

She also coaches in areas including Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Effective Communication, Public Speaking and Storytelling, Leadership and Career, Business and Management.

Vered works with leaders and their teams to identify and reach their true potential, find and refine their passion, discover their why and pursue it to the max with measurable and sustainable results. Her custom programs offer ongoing support for continued growth. 

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