360 Business Analysis


  • No More Blinders
  • No Hidden Agendas
  • No More Procrastinations
  • No Intimidating Obstacles
  • No Further Excuses Necessary
  • No Unqualified Tips and Advice
  • No Need To Remain Status Quo
  • No Nonsense. No Fluff. No Kidding.


This comprehensive Business Anyalysis will provide a clear and concise overview outlining your business facets.

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Collapsible content


This service was designed to flag what can be missed.

The 360 Analysis is a comprehensive and forensic analysis of new business plans or current business operations including an in-depth organizational structure assessment.


The 360 Business Analysis includes a custom assessment, review of systems and documentation as well as policies and procedures, looking at specific information to identify areas for improvement, challenges, deficiencies and risks.

The analysis concludes with recommendations, an action plan and an implementation strategy.

The total time will depend on the requirements, information availability and your particular goals and targets.


You receive a Success RoadMap and itemized, actionable, recommended steps to follow.

Some of the key focus areas include Administrative, Financial and HR Operations to ensure high productivity, maximum profitability, legal compliance, insurance requirements, talent attraction and retention, effective management and leadership, healthy work culture and overall company performance.


The 360 Business Analysis is suitable for all business models, industries and sizes.

Contact us to learn more about how this 360 Analysis can benefit you.

protecting you and your business

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Stay On Track and Grow.

Accounting involves more than just taxes and numbers. It is important to know up to date information pertaining to government legislation, requirements, responsibilities and resources. An expert accountant will find the best ways to maximize revenue and leverage government programs. This approach ensures your business operates for high profit margins and anticipates future developments.

Bookkeeping is what needs to be done before the accountant takes over. This means that records are kept current, all finances are accounted for and numbers are balanced. When simplified and administered correctly, bookkeeping saves time, unnecessary stress and money. It prevents aggrevation and possible complications. Our Bizstance team of finance experts do it right from the start!

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Capture attention & attract clients

Advertising, Marketing & PR

Right Audience. Target Market.

Advertising services include promotion of businesses, products and services. This is typically done through printed and digital efforts. Our expert professional writers, creative strategists and project managers work seamlessly to reach maximum brand visibility.

Marketing services include online campaigns using digital channels. From content creation to landing pages, strategic funnels and calls to action, Bizstance works closely with each client to understand goals, identify ideal clients, research markets and gain a competitive advantage.

Public Relations includes press releases, exposure digitally and in print (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, etc.) and reputation management.

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Showcase your business essence


Stand Out In The Crowd.

Branding is much more than a logo and a tagline. It captures your defined essence and projects how you want to be portrayed.

When it comes to building a brand identity, elements such as look, feel and messaging are carefully considered. Decisions are made based on what the company stands for and what it represents.

From color psychology to font styles, online content and product or service offerings, marketing styles to client value approaches, Bizstance provides guidance, direction and support to solidify what message a business wants to convey and who they want it to reach.

Done with progressive developments per industry trends including branded videos.

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monetize your knowledge & expertise

Build A Course | Program

Turn your "Intellectual Property" into a money-making offer.

What you know is valuable!

Others will pay to learn from you.

Bizstance experts work with you to identify ways of monetizing what you know that others will pay to learn.

There's always a prospect waiting to buy what you have to offer.

Create courses, master classes & webinars that:

● Provide valuable content

● Introduce paid services

● Promote new offerings

● Upsell to coaching & subscriptions

● Automate recorded sessions

● Leverage different time zones

● Provide live feedback as questions arise, interact with your audience in real time.

We create content you're in control of, record and brand the presentation | webinar and prepare it for your launch. You may present independently or automate with tools and marketing.

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done with you or done for you. your choice.

Coaching & Consulting

COACHING: Guidance & Support

CONSULTING: Solutions & Resources

Coaching and consulting have distinct differences in their approaches. Partner with us and get the best of both.

Bizstance Coaches expertly guide to ensure a proper mindset, prepare clients for contemplating situations realistically and effectively consider options.

They are your biggest cheerleaders and will offer support throughout the process. Ongoing check-ins and supports are available through various programs.

Coaching is offered individually and in group settings, both virtually and on-site.

Bizstance Consultants conduct expert assessments and provide strategic, realistic and ideal solutions. This presents you with the best possible choices for optimal outcomes.

Your time is valuable. We will bridge gaps, manage projects, cover absences, fill voids and polish your image.

Let us take care of the details while you concentrate on growing your business!

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invest in your biggest assets

Corporate Training & Development

Progressive Employee Development.

Attract and Retain Top Talent.

Bizstance delivers corporate training and development through our Bizstance Learning Academy and the VLC - Vered Lerner Success Academy.

Our experts work with you and your teams in the areas of personal, professional and leadership development. Our custom programs are administered via webinars, seminars, workshops, lunch and learns, masterminds, courses and coaching virtually and on-site.

We address management styles, help with conflict resolution, mediation, improved productivity and culture with a focus on emotional intelligence. This is available on an individual basis and in group settings.

Our continued support and maintenance program is an ideal complimentary addition for ongoing access to resources, further training and coaching to empower and promote confident performance. We specialize in sustainable, transformational experiences and substantial results.

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reliable information and resources

Money Solutions

The Right Fit. Forward Thinking.

Investors | Grants | Loans | Credit

  • Financial Analysis & Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Expense Management
  • Business Valuation
  • Risk Management Services
  • Alternative Credit Solutions
  • Financial Tech (Fintech) Tools
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bizstance creative media solutions

Photography, Videography & Cinematography

Professional Studio or On-Location

Headshots | Groups | Event Coverage

  • Professional Headshots
  • Group | Team Photo Sessions
  • Portfolio Photos for Marketing
  • Product | Merchandise Photos
  • Photo | Video Event Coverage
  • Creative Video Concepts & Recording
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Commercials and Testimonials
  • Documentaries and Short Films
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access expets on demand

Professional Writing & Content Creation

You don't have to know everything.

We have the right experts & answers.

From ideas & concepts to execution & delivery, you're covered.

Our Done-For-You Content Creation service is ideal for those that don't like, don't know or don't have time to create content or strategic marketing campaigns.

The Bizstance Done-With-You Content Creation service allows you to work with our experts and co-create ideal content such as social media posts, videos, articles, e-books, books, podcasts, presentations, talks, webinars, courses and other income-generating assets.

Whether you are a business, school, student or aspiring entrepreneur, we ensure professional and timely results for reports, correspondence, documents, manuals, agreements, contracts, essays, quizzes, resumes, executive summaries, marketing materials, presentations and more!

We specialize in creating forms, templates, policies & procedures, performance reviews and general business documents.

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getting the job done correctly & efficiently

Virtual Assistance (VA)

Dedicated to your business.

On call for specific projects.

Your Choice. We Work. For You.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small to medium business owner, non-profit with a growing team or corporation with remote employees, we've got you covered!

Bizstance provides expert virtual assistance in any and every area a business may need. No task is too big or too small with flexible contract, project based and one-time options.

  • Administration
  • Travel Coordination
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
  • Calendar Booking & Management
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Telemarketing & Sales
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Ad Hoc Requirements

Whatever you need, we have the solution!

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just the right sound

Voiceover Talent

Professional Voices, Speakers, Actors, Musicians & Singers

Bizstance talented voice artists expertly produce professional top-quality results.

From voicemail recordings to automated messages, video and audio acting, audio book recordings, instructional videos, educational material and guided meditation, we have a wide range of voices of all ages and accents.

We have the right talent in different languages.

Our jingle writers, musicians and vocalists create short or long musical pieces to make your brand even more memorable.

Imagine having your clients and prospects humming your tune and singing your praises!

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the time to act is now

Take It To The Next Level

It's time to take action. You're ready.

There are many ways for us to support you. We can't possibly list all business services here so please let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for.

Our business experts are dedicated to helping you operate with clarity from a strong foundation.

We aim to empower you!

  • Free up time
  • Increase revenue
  • Boost engagement
  • Promote your brand
  • Improve productivity
  • Automate your business

Let's talk and explore possibilities.

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OUR MISSION is to help you operate with clarity from a strong foundation.

OUR VISION is to educate, empower, guide and support individuals and businesses in identifying, clarifying, defining, maximizing and actualizing their incredible potential for true and sustainable transformations.

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