What Works. For You.

When you crave more, when you want better, you need to take action. Information on its own is not enough. Applied knowledge is real power.

You want different? Then what you learn must be transitioned, implemented and incorporated. That's what creates impact. It is the (not so) secret, often omitted, yet vital ingredient in the recipe for success.

Vered Lerner is dedicated to empowering you from within so you can operate with clarity from a strong foundation.

Providing essential tools and resources, she continues to transform lives, careers and businesses internationally.

Her talks are geared to audiences of all ages and stages, addressing them at their level and promoting self awareness, social awareness and inspiring development to harmonize the two; essentially teaching Emotional Intelligence (EI aka EQ).

Welcome to a world of learning and enjoy the journey of exploration; discovering and uncovering your true potential. Enjoy the experience!

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Coaching That Works. For You.

Designed with you in mind, our comprehensive individual and group coaching and training programs are delivered globally to set you up for success. We work with you to address issues at the core so that each level is a stepping stone for the next.

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Learning That Works. For You.

Curriculum to empower you with personal development, soft skills, life skills and practical skills as well as transformational Emotional Intelligence (EI aka EQ) training.

From mini-courses to extended challenges, we invite you to delve into the world of self development for lifelong rewards.

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Training That Works. For You.

Engaging trainings and programs, with multiple benefits for individuals and teams.

By incorporating such events into the workforce along with development of additional skills, businesses and their people gain and enjoy increased productivity and a healthy culture.

Appreciating unique situations and individuals, Vered's authentically customized approach provides ideal solutions and proven results.

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