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Career Coaching


New job (same field)

Different position (same company)

Career transition (different field)

Freelancing (as self employed)


Direction to start a business

Becoming an Entrepreneur isn't always easy and not meant for all.


  • You're stuck
  • You're afraid
  • You're unsure
  • You're insecure


  • Identify your current situation
  • Explore possible options
  • Form an actionable strategy

TOGETHER, we map out your career path and set the route, strategically paving the way to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!

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Ace Interviews & Negotiate Wisely

Having a winning resume is a start.

Knowing how to interview well is another story.

This is your chance to CREATE YOUR HAPPY ENDING!

WHY should you invest in Contract Negotiating Coaching?

The Empowering Contract Negotiation Session is designed to position you for the ULTIMATE COMPENSATION PACKAGE including:

  • Top Salary
  • More Vacation Days
  • Maximum Benefits
  • Annual Increases and Bonuses
  • Flex Hours | Hybrid Schedule
  • True Work-Life Balance
  • Company Expense Account
  • Company Car or Allowance
  • Your Travel Preferances
  • More You May Be Entitled To!

Gain the clarity required to make an educated, smart decision.

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Winning Resumes & CV's


When you want to make an extraordinary first impression!

A Resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) is your chance to make an unforgettable first impression.

It displays your professional skills, experience and accomplishments; enticing the reader to want to learn more. This is your ultimate advertisement and credible document to secure an interview!


When you want to make an impact with a WOW factor!

An Executive Summary is like a resume but better. It highlights and showcases your professional accomplishments, features your bio and allows the reader to get to know you at a glance.

This is your ultimate advertisement and credible document to impress them!

  • Be Irresistible.
  • Be Unique.
  • Be You!
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Career Coaching & Resume Packages

Winning Resume Options

What Our Clients Say

"I wanted a simple resume that would work but that's not what I needed. I realized that I also required coaching so I upgraded and that made all the difference. The bundled packages are the way to go if you want to reach the next level. I not only got the job I wanted but continued to work with Vered Lerner and she coached me through to a promotion within the first six months at the new company."


"After months of frustration, my job search is finally over. The Winning Resume definitely proved to be the best investment I made in my career. I just landed the job of my dreams."


"The Winning Resume team is amazing. Thanks to their expertise and efficiency I got an interview with an awesome company. I couldn't have asked for better results."


"I thought my resume was great until I saw what the Winning Resume team custom designed for me. Not only was I impressed, but the recruiter I worked with was blown away. I got the job!"


"As an executive, I believed a regular resume was sufficient. I couldn't have been more wrong and needed to work on my stubborn mindset. The Winning Resume writers crafted an Executive Summary surpassing all expectations. That professional look, the confidence gained from the powerful coaching and my new strategic approach led to successfully signing a huge contract."


"I didn't think self employed people needed resumes. I thought I could just sell my services using my experience and online presence. It was very difficult to close deals until I found the solution in the Winning Resume. The masterpiece put together by the team looks incredible. It includes my photo, logo, company information and professional bio with personality. Now I find it faster and easier to book appointments and close deals. My business is quickly growing. I'm so glad I found them."


"I spent years studying and researching in my field. I had many academic achievements but not a lot of work experience. The Winning Resume team knew exactly what to say and how to make it look fantastic. I not only got interviews, but my career took off almost immediately. I recommend professional resume writing for anyone looking to bypass unnecessary stress and save time."


"If you want it done right, go to the pros. The Winning Resume team put me on track. By going through the process I realized where I needed and wanted to be. I only wish I didn't wait so long!"


"There is nothing standard about the Winning Resume. I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't want to get my hopes up but the results far surpassed my expectations. I literally went from cookie cutter status to "OMG we need to meet this person" status. Seriously, I am beyond excited to say that the combined coaching and resume crafting process worked seamlessly. To say it's transformational is an understatement. Thank you to the team and a huge shout-out to Vered Lerner, my favorite Coach!"


"I'm so lucky to have found the Winning Resume. The ROI speaks for itself. Thanks again!"